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What is DAO

In the long history of human development, organizations have often been constructed in a highly centralized form, and even in modern societies that promote freedom the attribution of value power in any organization remains centralized, and organizational decisions are usually the responsibility of one or a few people, while the influence of ordinary people is very limited. In a centralized organizational structure, ownership, social hierarchy, and non-uniform rules for implementation create obstacles to the development of traditional organizations. The emergence of DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) will solve these problems.

Examples of DAO

A DAO is a combination of a smart contract and a community. Unlike traditional organizations, DAOs are not managed by individuals or teams, but by all of their members, who collectively manage decisions within the DAO through a community token-based voting mechanism that is executed according to predefined rules in the smart contract. According to relevant statistics, there are 180 DAOs managing over $10 billion in assets and attracting nearly 2 million members.

What are the advantages of a DAO?

A DAO is a democratic autonomous organization compared to a traditional company, where all members vote on any changes to be implemented, rather than a single party implementing the changes, and where the DAO can focus on what it wants to accomplish, and where the incentives are fair and based on the level of contribution, and where you take the risk for your decisions while enjoying very fair incentives.


MpaceDAO is an investment-based DAO platform built on ETH-EVM. By donating irreplaceable digital assets such as virtual land and NFT to invest and fund Web3 eco-projects, it contributes to the ecological development and the benefit of DAO members. mpaceDAO’s vision is to break the inequity and opacity of traditional investment institutions and create an investment DAO platform that is decided by the community members together.



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Mpace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on Polygon , the mission is: focus on MeatVerse digital land and other NFT assets for investment.