the Upcoming FantasyBear NFT- Mint

FantasyBear Mint Information

  • Holders of DreamBear will receive Mint discount whitelist, airdrop credentials for governance Tokens and credentials for DAO investment governance rights.
  • Holders of FantasyBear will receive early adopter airdrop credentials, equity status, access to investment research reports and investment dividend status credentials Pass.

Community Incentive Whitelist

Super Rare

1. Hold DreamBear NFT series

DreamBear #1 and DreamBear #2

2. DIscord community contributors.

Number of invites 10+

3.Participate in the Twitter Daily Giveaway

Retweet the event + @3 friends + likes

4. Participate in the Gleam Sweepstakes (follow all official MpaceDAO links)

Gleam links will be updated in MpaceDAO Discord

the FAQ about FantasyBear Mint

1) When will NFT be Mint?

Important Note

You will not be able to sell or buy our NFTs anywhere before or during the public sale. if you see anything about MpaceDAO’s NFTs for sale, it’s all fake, so please keep your wallets safe. Once we have completed our Mint campaign, we will open a secondary market on the exchange, please note that all official information will only come from our official Discord announcement channel and Twitter.

About FantasyBear

FantasyBear collects a total of 5,000 unique characters, which are randomly generated by AI algorithms according to their attributes, and the NFT levels are divided into common, rare and very rare. In addition, FantasyBear also has hidden-level collectibles with legendary, OG and other attributes. In the future, FantasyBear can be upgraded to an identity DID-NFT with variable metadata and growth, while NFT holders can gain rights and governance attributes that match their contributions.

About MpaceDAO

MpaceDAO is an investment DAO platform built on the ETH-EVM blockchain.

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Mpace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on Polygon , the mission is: focus on MeatVerse digital land and other NFT assets for investment.