The Overview of a NewDark Horse VC-DAO — — MapceDAO

A — Introduction of MpaceDAO

MpaceDAO decentralizes and democratizes venture funds by transferring functions such as fund management, LP and GP roles to DAO members, i.e., DAOs are owned and managed by their members.

B — MpaceDAO Vault Management

MpaceDAO wants to decentralize its governance and needs to capitalize (incentivize) the DAOVault, which will ensure its continued operation and allow them to invest in future growth. diversification of the Vault will be beneficial in the event MpaceDAO suffers from negative events such as uncertain attacks, bear markets, regulatory actions, etc.

C — Explanation of the DAO2EARN Details .

1-For each funded project, 1% of each token issue is used to buy back MPA tokens, 50% is destroyed, and 50% is distributed to the governance constituency.
2-For each funded project, 4% of the token share received will be allocated to the project sponsor, investment and research team, community marketing support and other contributors.
3–100% of the revenue earned from Vault investments in NFT or Land assets through installment leases will be given back to community contributors.
4- 5% of the increase in auction value of Vault investments in NFT subsets and assets is used to repurchase MPA tokens, 50% of repurchased MPA tokens are destroyed, and 50% is awarded to token pledgers.

D — the Ecological Pledge Incentive

MpaceDAO distributes governance tokens ($MPA) to community users, not just investors and development teams, which creates additional value space for MpaceDAO and is in the common interest of community users.
When users pledge (staking) or provide other forms of asset liquidity, they will receive incentives in the form of MpaceDAO governance tokens (or NFT), driven by the same core interest direction, to contribute to the growth of MpaceDAO value, which will greatly stimulate the liquidity of MpaceDAO governance tokens (or NFT), and liquidity is value.
The initial incentive model for MpaceDAO is as follows.

E — DAO’s equity class NFT — FantasyBear

F — Stick to Build and Win to Bull Market

In today’s market, there are many factors affecting asset liquidity, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, the U.S. dollar rate hike, tapering, and so on. The increase in uncertainty has led to a strengthening of risk aversion and a decrease in liquidity. And with the Fed’s 50-point rate hike confirmed in early May, the bear market phase has basically opened. I can’t help but sigh that the “bear” cycle is really here~~.



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Mpace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on Polygon , the mission is: focus on MeatVerse digital land and other NFT assets for investment.