The Economic Model and operating mechanism of MpaceDAO

  1. FeeVault:
  1. 30% of DAO’s NFT series sales funds will be used to facilitate the NFT floor price and token market cap maintenance.
  2. 100% of DAO’s governance token IDO amount will be added to the initial liquidity pool to build the token pool.
  3. Token trading 0.4% fee is used to add liquidity, the higher the trading volume, the better the liquidity.
  1. Core members: MpaceDAO core initiators, technical contributors, etc.
  1. Those who have a position in DreamBear NFT, get the right to vote by pledging NFT
  2. Those with $MPA positions will receive governance voting rights by pledging
  3. Users with a position in Fantasy NFT, get voting rights by pledging
  4. Users with a position in DAO — DID status can get voting rights by pledging
  1. For each project funded, each time tokens are released, 1% is given to buy back MPA tokens, 50% is destroyed, and 50% is distributed to governance voters.
  2. For each project funded, 4% of the token share earned will be allocated to project sponsors, investment and research teams, community marketing support and other contributors.
  3. Vault investment in NFT or Land assets, with revenue earned through phase leasing, will give back 100% of the revenue to community contributors.
  4. Vault invests in NFT children AND assets, 5% of the auction value increase is used to repurchase MPA tokens, 50% of the repurchased MPA tokens are destroyed and 50% are rewarded to token pledgers.



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Mpace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on Polygon , the mission is: focus on MeatVerse digital land and other NFT assets for investment.