MpaceDAO Dream Bear NFT Mint- Exclusively on The Pass

4 min readMar 15, 2022


Dear MpaceDAO friends!

Surprise is coming~

We are very proud to announce that the MpaceDAO Dream Bear NFT Mint will officially open at 17:00 (UTC) on Mar. 15, 2022. At that time, MpaceDAO will issue a total of 4 NFTs, with a total of 4,100 pieces.

The Dream Bear NFT is the certificate to enter the MPaceDAO community, and it is an important guarantee for obtaining community welfare, community governance, voting and other rights and interests. In the future, Dream Bear NFTs can be exchanged for LOOT-based programmable and scalable DID on-chain identity NFTs.

The source of the Dream Bear

Dream Bears “are the only species that survived a very harsh ice age,” and they’re a continuation of the last civilization! After a long period of time, the rise of mankind has been accompanied by an increase in carbon emissions, the global climate is warming, and Dream Bears are about to lose their homes again. Frustrated at a time when the climate crisis is so intense.

The Dream Bear’s dream is to find a carefree and suitable home for survival. Owning a home is the basic rights and interests of Dream Bears, and needs to be protected and fulfilled by the residents of the Metaverse! Dream Bear NFTs have a variety of attribute combinations, including clothing, colors, facial expressions, hats, and more. In addition, in the 4100 NFT collection, a special edition of MpaceDAO hand-painted will be launched, so look forward to it.

MpaceDAO’s NFTs are divided into two categories, namely community equity and avatar collection. The community airdrop and Mint event held on the 15th of this month are community equity NFTs.

Community users will be able to Mint Dream Bear NFT on the MpaceDAO homepage through the link:

NFT Mint Details

NFT Series: Dream Bear

Time: Mar. 15 17:00 (UTC) — Mar. 25 17:00 (UTC)

Batch: Four mint

Total: 4100 Pieces

Price: 0–80Matic

Network: Polygon (Matic)

The 4 NFTs issued by Dream Bear are:

  1. Dream Bear #1:1,000 pieces, free airdrops for a limited time for strategic cooperation communities, and gifts for community activists, content contributors, Twitter fans, etc., giving early users more rights and governance rights;
  2. Dream Bear #2: with a quantity of 2000, is available for global users for a limited time, and the price of each mint is 10Matic; holding this NFT will obtain community airdrops and governance rights;
  3. Dream Bear #3:the quantity is 1000, the price of each MINT is 20Matic, holding this NFT in the community can get more rights and governance voting weight, the voting power of 1 Dream Bear is 5 times that of Dream Bear №1, which is 2 2 times the number. The rights to hold Dream Bear 3 are not limited to NFT airdrops, governance token airdrops, etc.;
  4. Dream Bear #OG:a total of 100, of which 80 NFTs are obtained through pre-sale, and the price of each Mint is 80Matic; the other 20 are reserved in the DAO treasury as a reward for major contributions to community OG users; users who own OG-NFT , to obtain the non-locking airdrop of governance tokens, the right to propose governance of the DAO treasury, the right to profit dividends of assets such as the DAO treasury donated Metaverse virtual land, etc.

Dream Bear #1 Mint Tutorial

Important information:

Polar Dream Bear 1 is a limited-time free airdrop NFT for the community

Airdrop :

NFT contract address: 0x42F4e4c6b9928Ad20AD4c581404ba22aE8e515DF (Polygon)

MINT Price: 0 Matic (Free)

The following are related tutorials.

1.Enter :, link the MetaMask wallet (switch network to Polygon), and select NFT PASS on the left.

2.Click the upper right corner: “CALIM” button, jump to the next Mint page, as follows, and then click “BUY”;

3.After clicking “BUY”, interact on the MetaMask wallet, confirm the MINT+GAS fee, click OK, and wait for the confirmation of the polygon network block. It is estimated that it will take 2–4 minutes, please wait patiently. (because of the recent polygon network congestion)

4.After successfully “CAILM”, you can click on MY PASS in the personal information of the pass to find the NFT you have successfully received;

About The PASS

The PASS is a new type of Web 3 Creator Link-up and underlying infrastructure, which help create, display, manage, and govern your DAO through NFT PASSes. It is dedicated to all kinds of creators like artists, DAOs, guilds, musicians, and projects. For any DAOs and creators, we are here to help.




About MpaceDAO

MpaceDAO is an investment DAO platform built on the Polygon blockchain. Through crowdfunding virtual land and non-fungible digital assets such as NFT, to invest and fund Web3 ecological projects, and contribute to ecological development and the interests of DAO members. The vision of Mpace is to break the unfairness and opacity of traditional investment institutions and create an investment DAO platform that is jointly decided by community members.








Mpace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on Polygon , the mission is: focus on MeatVerse digital land and other NFT assets for investment.